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poster_storksThere’s a trend of animated movies for the whole family. The trend is a tendency to slip in laughs for the adults who have to endure all the calls from their children for potty breaks and popcorn refills.

However, with this instance for the latest from the studio which created The Lego Movie, now there is a new trend of producing animated movies for adults, to which they can also bring their children. I haven’t held back as far as which movies I show my kids. With Storks, given the amount of violence and basic meanness, I felt guilty for bringing my kids to it.

Ah well, it’s for the future and all their murder victims’ families to decide if I did the wrong thing now. As for the movie…

Storks is about a company of baby-delivering storks which underwent a retooling into a competitive package delivery service like UPS. However, with the ineptitude of Tulip, a teenager who was raised at the factory after her delivery stork went rogue, a new baby was accidentally created and it is up to Tulip and Junior, voiced by Adam Samberg (Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping), who has been selected to take over as the managing director to deliver the new baby before any of the higher ups find out.

For the most part, this movie was pretty damn funny. My favorite aspect of the film was the adversity provided by the wolf pack which falls in love with the “little thing” Tulip and Junior were attempting to deliver. When the wolves constantly joined forces to create a new mode of transportation, “In the form of, a submarine,” I couldn’t stop cracking up.

The level of mean from the stork characters towards Tulip, the stork boss Hunter towards the little angry bird looking birds, etc. it all left me embarrassed watching it with my three kids under 6 years old. I certainly didn’t want them picking up any lines of dialogue from those moments and using them with each other. However, if my kids were not with me, I would have laughed my ass off. It’s basically what you would expect from the dialogue out of a Adam Sandler produced Grown Ups movie.

For the array of vocal performances, my favorite came from Stephen Kramer Glickman as the Pigeon Toady, that person we have all either worked with or have been friends with out of pity. Jennifer Aniston (TV’s Friends) shows up as well, which was a nice surprise but she hardly makes the movie worth it just by her vocal presence.

What does make the movie worth seeing, outside its adulterated humor, is the messages it attempts to convey, particularly when it comes to the storyline of the young boy Nate enlisting the help of his workaholic parents to set up a catch-all for his impending baby brother delivery from the storks. This movie wasn’t enough to choke me up or anything, but at least from the screenwriting standpoint, it tried.

If the movie had a fault, it simply didn’t deliver a cohesive production. Inner motivations from characters were muttled at times. It was difficult to swallow Tulip’s backstory. Outer motivations were clear, but the supporting cast of characters weren’t nearly as developed and strong as the principals, Tulip’s backstory aside. It’s also difficult to understand a fictional world where Tulip can arrive on the doorstep of the family to which she was supposed to be delivered 18 years prior and for them to know exactly who she was when they answer the door.

The story simply had too many weak plot points and development to say it was great. It’s a Redbox rental for a decent laugh, but it’s going to be forgotten fast enough.



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